We offer personalized consulting and the network of a full service creative agency. 



In order to give you a personalized experience, we begin each project with a research and discovery phase. Our time spent with you allows us to document and analyze processes so that we can custom build solutions and new strategies to help you grow your business.


Go here for specific examples of what we do. 

Personalized Experiences in New York City
Custom designed experiences in and around NYC - please email hello@radunonyc.com for more information
Curated Food and Beverage Programming
Full service food and beverage design
Beverage & Hospitality Consulting
Custom operations toolkit for restaurants and cafes
Service and hospitality design
Organization and management systems
Talent Procurement and Management
Operational Strategy & Implementation
Custom Playlists for Restaurants & Events

Event Production, Design, Staffing and Execution
Network Expansion and Business Development
Experiential Design
Brand Development
Problem Solving and Communications