Common Sense is a platform, created by Kelsey Ramage from Trash Tiki (the cocktail duo who curated Blue Hill's wastED pop-up in London) which champions local producers and connects people to ingredients that don't fuck up the environment. Having spent years traveling the world, immersed in the best cocktail bars, Kelsey felt the need for a platform that could bring together local ingredients to further contemporary drinks.

Saturday June 9, 2018 • Fitzcarraldo Projects • Brooklyn, NY

40 person brunch bringing Common sense to the people.

RADUNO and Kelsey Ramage hosted a new pop-up called Common Sense. Chef Simone Bonelli (La Pecora Bianca, Saraghina, Boulud Sud, Osteria Francescana) created a thoughtful menu. 

Cocktails by Kelsey Ramage of Common Sense + Claire Sprouse of Tin Roof Drink Community + Ashtin Berry of Tokyo Record Bar

Brunch by Simone Bonelli of RADUNO.



Kelsey Ramage is a co-founder of Trash Tiki, along with Iain Griffiths. They have been traveling all over the world for the past couple of years to promote drinking sustainably. They also curated the beverage program for Blue Hill's wastED pop-up in London. Common Sense is Kelsey's new pop-up, and for this one she brought along some friends to help craft the cocktails.

Claire Sprouse has been bartending in top bars and restaurants in across the country for over a decade. In 2014, she co-founded Tin Roof Drink Community, a consulting and education company committed to addressing sustainability issues within the hospitality industry. Claire will continue to share best practices and a unique beverage perspective at her upcoming cocktail bar, opening in Brooklyn this fall.

Ashtin Berry is a food and beverage activist who just recently finished opening the bars Tokyo Record Bar and Air’s Champagne Parlor. She is moving back to Nola this summer and stay tuned for the opening of her own project this fall.

Simone Bonelli has been cooking since he was 15. Born and raised in Modena, Italy, food has always been at the center for him. Eating and sourcing locally has always been ingrained in his culture. After working at Osteria Francescana for 6 years, he moved to NYC in 2008 and to be the chef of Perbacco in the east village. He's also led kitchens at Boulud Sud, Fabbrica, Saraghina, and La Pecora Bianca. He currently helps lead the culinary department of RADUNO and still oversees menu development and operations at several restaurants in NY.